Recent News

4/2108 - Greg defends!

4/2108 - Jonny defends!

4/2108 - Demetra wins department's p-chem award

3/2018 - Our group's patent goes through USPTO

2/2018 - Selma admitted to Emory and Washington

1/2018 - Demetra admitted to Minnesota

1/2018 - EDS installed on the department's new SEM

10/2017 - New SEM installed

10/2017 - Hosting the Emerging Scientist Workshop

9/2017 - Ciszek group goes to the AVS Prairie meeting

8/2017 - Roshni joins the lab

8/2017 - Ciszek's NSF proposal funded (MRI grant)

8/2017 - Group's NSF proposal funded (research grant)

The Lab


Bruker Tensor 37 Fourier Transform IR Spectrometer with PMA50 Accessory for PM-IRRAS measuremnts

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Kurt J. Lesker Nano 38 Evaporator

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Shimadzu UV 255 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer with Integrating Sphere

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Home-Built Organic Film Sublimation Chamber

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KP Technology Kelvin Probe

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Home-Built Crystal Growth Furnace

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Gaertner Stokes LSE Ellipsometer

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Innovative Technologies Glovebox

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